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Healthy America App is for Doctor to provide guidance and support to patients without either visiting Doctor’s office.

Patient sends messages to the Doctor, and their phone number becomes visible and then the Doctor responds to that Patient directly and privately.

Healthy America App will be evolved to satisfy your needs. Presently this tool is available free of charge to all Doctors and Patients.

Your information will not be sold by P2S. Please read and accept the user terms of this website. Please write to corrections and suggestions. Thank you.

How does this work? Are there any charges?

“Healthy America” provides a phone number with an App, in Google Play Store, the Doctor must install the App, choose a new phone number. She must be interested in responding to help Patients.

Then she must give this new phone number to all Patients may need her help and recommend that they download the “Healthy America App”. She should not share the number with strangers.

A Patient connected to this Doctor and needs help can call and record a voice message or send a text about anything. The Doctor or her assistants hear and call or text back, discuss and solve.

If the Patient also downloads the “Healthy America App” the message, by text or voice, can be sent directly inside the App, without using a phone line.

Presently this is a free service, including a dedicated phone number.

This agreement is for all Users, including Citizens and Leaders all of whom must read and agree to this before using the App. This can be printed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the use of this App for a Doctor?

    You will be able to respond to messages at your convenience and to specific Patients whom you know and have a relationship with now or wish to build one.

  • You can leave a message, voice or text, to a known and trustworthy Doctor and be assured that you will get an answer, and likely a solution.

  • No. The App is free. Telecom or internet charges per your plan. It is likely to be cheapest if Patients also download the App, although it is not essential to do so.

Summary of the features and advantages of Phone2Solve (P2S) platform

Feature of P2S Advantages to Patient Advantages to Doctor
Voice or text messages recorded. Avoid travel to Doctor’s office.
One local phone call at their own convenience.
Minimum time spent. Meetings are longer.
Messages heard conveniently.
Patient’s number is given to the Doctor. If the Patient is not articulate, is unable to convey details, he/she will be called back.
Messages can be brief or detailed.
Patient called back at convenience.
Patient’s number is now always available.
Direct contact with Patient.
Tracking System of Patient’s issues The issue is not lost.
Easy to follow up and highlight.
Multiple issues tracked separately.
Efficiency of staff, assistants evaluated.
Better service to Patients in less time spent.

Sample Report

Mobile Number Zipcode Locality Patient's name Status Timestamp
9000000001 900030 Susan Forwarded
9000000002 900048 Clara Pending
9000000003 900082 Tom Follow Up

We are deeply committed to empowering citizens and promoting collaborative approaches to solving problems. 3 Apps, in Play Store, for users in the US, each has the same engine.

  1. “Healthy America” App that makes it easy for a person to advice on health matters, details in
  2. “Social Unity” App that makes it easy for a person interested in leading a group with an objective, details in
  3. “Change America” App that makes it easy for a person politically or socially interested in mobilizing public opinion, details in

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